Sunday, 18 March 2012

Sunday Roundup II

My selection this week features an amusing story about a serious matter and a serious story about being amusing. But first, let me recommend something at an art gallery!

As a fledgling writer, it's true that I do sit and tap away at my computer rather a lot. But I do get out. I think it's essential. I have a zest for life, which is something I think any writer needs to have. I love to live life...then write about it. Anyway, as part of my getting out and about, I went to Newcastle yesterday, with my partner, to visit some of her friends. Whilst there, we saw these powerful videos by Elizabeth Price, one of which features footage from the 1979 Woolworth's fire in Manchester. I would highly recommend a viewing. The Baltic is a lovely building, too. In fact, Newcastle is a great place and the St. Patrick's Day atmosphere was energetic!

This article - "A Stand Up Joke Is Born" - from the New York Times caught my eye. Much of this blog is concerned with the process of writing - and any creative pursuit - and this article, centred on a Myq Kaplan joke, will be of use to anyone interested in the creative process.

You're a massive, international furniture company. You receive complaints. How do you find out whether they're true? Take a look at this article from the Guardian. I'm not going to spoil this one for you by going into detail but I had a great laugh at the complete absurdity.

Before I sign off for the evening, just a couple of other things. I hope you enjoyed the short story, "Brook No Truck", that I posted in five parts from Monday to Friday. In true Titmouse! fashion, there will be an article coming up tomorrow about how I wrote it.

Finally, I have also taken up a post as a deputy editor of The Camel's Hump. This is an excellent blog, full of thought-provoking and humorous articles from a great team of writers. If you like art, politics, current affairs, satire and a good rant every now and then, please have a read of the site. I feel deeply honoured to be joining them and very privileged not only to be a part of the editorial team but also to have my rail-related rant on the front page today. Exciting times!

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