Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Ten Thousand and Twenty-Four

I've cracked the 10,000 mark!

Yes, on this cold, windy night, alone in the house (other half and dog both away), I've finally written enough to propel me past ten thousand words. It feels great to reach this milestone. This was after an early start at work and a late finish, too. Having the creative drive is wonderful.

Did you notice that I've changed the blog sub-heading to "Writing on Writing"? I felt that the previous one was too broad. I've not written anything about jazz, current affairs or anything else here - and I don't think I will. This should be dedicated to writing.

Oh, and I bought the latest Writer's Digest today. Nice bit of bedtime reading, to be started shortly...


Monday, 2 April 2012

Nine Thousand, Six Hundred and Forty-Seven

It's great to be back. I took a little break from Titmouse! last week but managed to get some writing done for the community blog I co-edit (including a "scoop" yesterday while out walking in the park: take a look at this! A Park To Be Proud Of) and for the Camel's Hump (have a read about Tony Bennett).

Last week, I didn't work on my novel at all. Tonight, I started again and managed to take the total up to 9,674 words. I've decided to push the deadline for completion back to the end of April. I'm confident I can get the first draft completed by then. People manage to bang out 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo and I'm almost a fifth of the way there, plus I have some long weekends coming up. I can do it!