Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A Published Article

I logged back into Titmouse! tonight to find that I had been away for more than two months. I felt a slight sadness at not having kept up with the blog, but my absence was for several good reasons.

I'm back, though, with great determination to write in earnest. Back to editing those blogs. Back to the detective novel (which, by the way, now stands at thirty-two thousand words). Back to jotting down every idea I have, in case it proves useful (in addition to enough ideas for a series of detective novels, I have a plot outlined for a separate, non-detective story that I intend to write as soon as the first detective novel is finished). Back to scouring the newspapers for gruesome stories. 

Some great news today, though: I have my first credit in an online newspaper article for a review that I wrote. Take a look at it here. I feel more comfortable calling myself a writer now.