Friday, 19 October 2012

One Month In

Well, what a month it has been. 

Steps In The Shadows has sold a few copies (is it correct to describe electronic downloads as copies, I wonder?) and has gained a couple more reviews. The first of these is below:

I downloaded this and then read it in a couple of days .... Not because it is short or has no depth, but because I simply couldn't put it down!

The characters are captivating the story thrilling. I usually read Patricia Cornwell and Kathy Reichs, this is right up there with them, I can't praise it enough.

I really hope there are more books to come in this series.

Thank you, Cappib, for your kind words. It's nice to be mentioned favourably along with Cornwell and Reichs! 

The second review is from the site (primarily US):

A page turner, you won't want to put down until the mystery is solved. A detective crew for the modern era - thoughtful, brainy, and honorable, rather than brash and macho. Looking forward to a follow up by this new author.
Thank you, Joyce A. Weinstein , for this - and you won't be disappointed, because Detective Inspector Molyneux will be back with his team in the second instalment of the Northern Quartet in April 2013. I started writing this book last week and the first draft already has about five thousand words. Expect some character development and more strands to emerge - it will be a bit more complex, this one. 

Apologies to any regular readers for the lack of updates. I recently moved house (a complete relocation, in fact) and it's been difficult to do little else but unpack. The blog will be updated more regularly from now on, and I have another blog idea which I hope to implement in the next week or so. 

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